3 days camping - Ham-Tin-Wan and Cheung-Tsui ~ Day 1


Day1:Diamond Hill (by Bus) → Sai Kung (by Mini Bus) → Sai Wan Pavilion (Start Hiking) → Big Wave Bay → Ham Tin Wan ~ 5.3km 1H20M



Start off
Diamond Hill Bus Terminal – Sai Kung Bus 92 $6.8
Sai Kung (Chan Man Street) to Sai Wan Pavilion Light Bus


Chek Keng Pier – Wong Shek Pier (SpeedBoat) Speedboat $20
Wong Shek Pier – Sai Kung Bus 94 $6.8 *Bus 96R to Diamond Hill (Service on Public Holiday Only) $18.7
Sai Kung – Diamond Hill Bus 92 $6.8

Period:3 Days


Equipment preparation, there is our resources list:Google Excel Link

Take the Bus No.92 from Diamond Hill bus terminal to Sai Kung (45mins), then change a light bus 29R at Chan Man Street - Sai Kung to Sai Wan Pavilion (25mins).
Please be noted the Bus Schedule, which will be adjusted response on demand.
Sai Wan Pavilion

Let’s go, start hiking from Sai Wan Pavilion to Ham Tin Wan (around 1.5 hours, spend more time in Summer). Not difficult route, but there are many upslopes and up/down stair.

Near Ham Tin Wan, there has a beach named Big Wave Bay, a beautiful beach. Many people would like?to stay here too, but waste also more.
Walk through the Big Wave Bay for another 30-45 mins…. there is Ham Tin Wan ~ a beautiful tranquil beach, our destination. This time no more Mainland China travelers, in our experience in Mid-autumn Festival, a Group Tour from China stay overnight here, very exaggerated. During CNY holiday, some Hong Kong Families instead of the Chinese Tours to camping here for a short vacation.

Big Wave Bay

Ham Tin Wan

We just lie on the beach, enjoying the silence, the sound of wave enter your ears, sometimes there is a breeze, so relaxing.

Dinner time

Although it is a cloudy night, we still able to watch some stars. I believe we must enjoy the starry night when there is a clear sky.

Supply station:Store (Has a paid shower room)
Water supply:Public toilet

Let’s read

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