3 days camping - Ham-Tin-Wan and Cheung-Tsui ~ Day 2


Day2: Ham Tin Wan → Tai Wan → Tung Wan → Cheung-Tsui ~4.7km 1hrs


Go to Day 1 for references


An appropriate tent will brings you into a sweet dream. We woke up at 10.

Our breakfest

Enjoy life at this beautiful beach.  Walking along the coast, play frisbee, make friends with some like-minded guy. We met a friend from France, he is a wanderer. His aim is traveling around the world and he just finished a 3 years trip in China.  Arrived Hong Kong about a week, he would like to stay here 1 year, then Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc… How enviable life! He is very kind to clean up the beach as well.

There are some areas are especially for cooking!  Please don’t make rubbish on the beach!

Made in China

There have a group of kids are playing sand. We have a nice talk with them, they are 3 families and stay here 3 days already. They are very enjoying this vacation much. See, they built a Great Wall.

Leisurely until noon, ate a simple lunch and pack up stuff to our next destination – “Cheung-Tsui”.  Since there is no water supply at Cheung-Tsui, so we have carried around 3L water for cooking and drinking.

Walk along the path to Tai Wan (a beach nearby Ham Tin Wan), which path behind the Store. Cross Tai Wan and go toward to Cheung-Tsui you will via another beach named Tung Wan.

Direction sign behind the store

Can watch our destination at Tai Wan

Entrance point at the end of Tai Wan

Tung Wan is very suitable for camping too, there has a stream. No worry about water supply.

We keep moving to Cheung-Tsui. This section is very difficult. The road is narrow, crushed, and many thorny shrubs. Be cautious.
We choose the top for our station. Have a good view, facing an endless sea and back is the mountain chain. Woo~ How Great is Our God. It seems there is a good place to watch the sunrise.

Tonight, we catch a starry night!!! This is our 1st time to watch that beautiful starry sky in Hong Kong. No camera just kept in our memory is good enough. Thank God!

**Please Note:

  1. No water supply
  2. Weak network, sometimes no network
  3. Take your litter home

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