Here is HK – Hidden Paradise Kadoorie Farm


Visit Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG) again after many years. Like being to a vacation outside Hong Kong. Is there a big changing? Maybe the city change too fast.
A sunny day, there are many kinds of animals & plants. We walk slowly to enjoy everything here. You may found something that you have not saw or felt before. KFBG is a good place for parent-child. Let children cultivate their curiosity to nature. Let them to explore and observe by themselves, which will greatly benefit their growth.
There is not a Zoo, no training to the animals, no performance and no cruelty to animals. There is a place let us learn how to communion with them.




KMB 64K Yuen Long (West) — Tai Po Market Station Mon to Sun

Good weather

Happy little girl

Outside HK?

Beautiful flowers


From Old Wan Chai Post Office

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