Hiking – Get lost nearby Lantau Peak!?


The first time gets lost!  Just wanna to Kau-nga-ling… But this is a fortunate mistake.  Beautiful places are usually hidden. This is an unforgettable trip.


Tung-chung MTR Station Any $-
Tung-chung – Shui-hau-tsuen New Lantao Bus 11/11A/23 $8.5-27  *More expensive in holiday
Pak-kung-au - Tung-chung New Lantao Bus 11/11A/23 $6-12.5  *More expensive in holiday


Shui Hau Tsuen A → Starting point B:Warm up way
Starting point

Starting point B → Wisdom-path C:
After the slope, the road is flat

There is the entrance of Kau-nga-ling

When we see the wisdom-path, just awareness we took a wrong direction.

Wisdom-path C:
Take a rest

Viewpoint – The Wisdom-path

Wisdom-path C → Lantau-peak D:the red line is the wrong way! Don’t try!
Wrong entrance

Hard to “climb” up

Beautiful view

Lantau-peak D:The top view! NICE!

Very tired but still smile when taking photo


Lantau-peak D → Pak-kung-au E:Keep going down
Soft sunlight

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