Like being in paradise ~ Evening Glow Worm Kayak Tour (New Zealand)

Place:NZ North Island Tauranga

Relax on the edge of tranquil Lake McLaren. Kayak tour guides will lead you onto the lake to watch the sun set over the rolling hills. Gently paddle on your kayak into the night and discover the magic of the enchanting glow worm canyon…
This is a truly unique experience; while you can see glow worms elsewhere in New Zealand, and you can paddle a sea kayak in many places around the world, this is the only place when the two combine for a magical & truly unique experience. This glow worm kayak tour is great fun with great refreshments, beautiful scenery, fantastic birdlife and awesome glow worms.

Nice food

Meet a friend

Enjoy wine from the award winning Mills Reef winery, delicate New Zealand cheeses and refreshments on the edge of Lake McLaren. Our kayak tour guides will prepare and brief you on how to kayak effectively before launching you onto picturesque Lake McLaren at twilight to paddle your kayak to the mysterious glow worm canyon.
The glow worms are situated in a narrow, high-sided canyon at the top of the lake, not in a cave, so our kayak tour only departs once a day before sunset so by the time we get to the glow worm canyon it’s completely dark, as required to see the glow worms to the best effect.
A truly magical & unique experience; not to be missed!

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