Hiking – Build our road! Tai Mo Shan


A Sunny Holiday but temperature is 37, we still want to hiking. Prepared enough water and foods towards to Tai Mo Shan(大帽山).

We start from Chuen Lung (川龍), along the route walking up to the mountain feeling the taste of nature which is very relaxing. Because of the high temperature, there are not many people hiking. Let us enjoy a peaceful moment.


Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan – Chuen Lung Village Green minibuses (GMBs) #80 $6.4 http://www.16seats.net/chi/gmb/gn_80.html
Tai Mo Shan Country Park – Tsuen Wan West Station Kowloon Motor Bus #51 $8.9 http://hkbus.wikia.com/wiki/%E4%B9%9D%E5%B7%B451%E7%B7%9A


Chuen Lung Village A → Tai Mo Shan B:Enjoy Dim Sum before start!


Right turn

Left turn this time

Many bridge

Blue blue sky!

Tai Mo Shan B→ The top C:Trying go to the top, but keep going down…(We go to the top through the red road, but Don’t try this)

No one here

The top C → Tai Mo Shan Country Park D:Cows enjoy their lunch buffet

Green grass

Hairpin turn

Tai Mo Shan Country Park D → Bus stop E:Buy somethings in the Snack shop, gives support to them

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