Environmentally friendly – Orange peel vinegar cleaner

Orange peel vinegar cleaner

I like to use the disposable paper to clean the kitchen before, because that is easy and convenient. But EASY and CONVENIENT means you made a rubbish again. My friend shared a page to me about the Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner. It looks good, low cost and easy to make. Let’s try.


  • Natural, no harmful
  • Effective
  • Simple, cheap Material
Orange Peel
White Vinegar
A Glass Jar
A Spray Bottle


Oranges peeled & prepped. Put the orange peel into the glass jar about 90% full, then fill white vinegar to cover the orange peel. Seal & wait a minimum of 2 weeks before use.


2 weeks later, it’s ready to use! Use a strainer to catch any bits as you pour the orange vinegar from the jar. Mixed 1:1 with water, then fill in the spray bottle. Finished, it’s ready to use for cleaning. When you use for cleaning you will smells orange flavor, it’s better than the chemical cleaner.


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